Our staff consists of pure veteran Minecraft players mixed with full-time developers, we aim to deliver an exclusive experience while not diluting gameplay through our “HYDMG” network

Rules are simple: ***No Hacking/Exploiting***
(Exploiters will NOT be banned, rather rewarded for turning in information as a part of our bug hunting program)

Enjoy a massive network of adventurers, friends or foe! All seeking to conquer Orbis must face the same challenges, there’s no pay-to-win. Sharpen your skills in combat against other members or choose a life of solidarity far from spawn where your main source of safety and comfort is distance.

Balanced and supervised is what you can expect from our network with consistent smooth performance, we look to offer three servers for our members to choose in order to offer an experience fit for all! A quick history on us, we all used to enjoy an old deathban server where death equals 3-4 hour temporary ban and as competitive players we always enjoy this in combination with raiding/pvp.

If and when we surpass our first goals we will open our faction server following with our deathban/modded server.

Stay tuned for all the latest hytale information such as: Beta release, news, videos, polls, theories and content

Official Hytale trailer! *03/12/2018*

Member- Fresh starts

Listings for our hytale servers:



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All our Members!

Hytale x HYDMG-Meme Trailer ep.1
*Next episode 05/31/2024*

*Un-Official Hytale Server* – PvP – Raiding – Survival – Multiplayer – Griefing – Public – 24/7 – Adventure – Permanent Map – "Can you survive the damage?" SMP Servers w/ *Vanilla* *Faction* *Hardcore* hydmg.com (active)